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Alpha Maintenance Systems is the Belgian subsidiary of the WearCheck International Group, with locations in Europe, North America, the UK, South Africa and Asia. Its highly qualified employees apply the most advanced analytical techniques. As a result, effective and sustainable solutions, with an emphasis on quality and service, are offered to the customer.

The benefits of regular oil analysis

Oil analysis is an essential tool in the proactive maintenance of vehicles and machines. The range of services from Alpha Systems Maintenance is based on the principle that machines that run on cleaner fuel, air and oil work longer and more efficiently, which can improve productivity and cut costs.

Oil analysis provides several significant advantages:

Cost savings: using oil analysis, we can cut maintenance costs and extend the life of your machine.
Higher productivity: through shorter machine downtime.
Peace of mind: oil analysis serves as an early warning system.
Environment-friendly: using oil analysis, we can monitor the efficiency of the combustion process.
Added value: the WearCheck philosophy of entering into long-term partnerships with customers offers added value in the form of clear communication, ongoing technical support, objective advice and a constructive relationship.

Technical analysis

A proactive maintenance method focuses on the causes of machine wear and defects. This strategy allows significant savings in terms of machine maintenance, because action can be taken before a symptom or defect in the machine becomes visible. This can also prolong the working life of mechanical machines.

Unlike preventive and predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance can identify the most common and serious cause of defects: contamination. The first logical step in proactive maintenance therefore consists of the implementation of a strict contamination reduction programme for lubricating fluids, hydraulic fluids, gear oils and transmission fluids.

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